An invitation from 
Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder
especially for those who are hungry to connect deeply to their essential Self

Dear Friend,

If you're like a lot of people today, the overwhelm of information has left you strangely empty or at least disconnected at the core.

In fact, the more plugged in a lot of us get, the more acutely we miss and long for ways to find and receive authentic communication that gives us life, spirit, meaning.

We want to hear things that nurture the best in us, empower us to grow and change in ways we truly long to, and help us stay connected with the Divine, Nature, others, and – most of all – our own real, essential self.

If you're such a person, we're happy to introduce you to a steady source of that kind of real communication.

Introducing our HeartSpeak monthly audio program

We're Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder – teachers, authors, and counselors who specialize in helping people awaken to what we call “the Heart” – that mysterious core of life that is both deeply human and serenely divine. This is what we do. This is what our lives are all about. It's our honor, privilege and pleasure to serve you in any way we can.

Every month for several years, we've been sharing two downloadable MP3 audio presentations of our talks or personal session work with a small group of students, clients, and friends. We call this program “HeartSpeak.” Now we're happy to bring it more fully to everyone's attention who might enjoy and benefit from it.

“HeartSpeak is absolutely central to our ongoing process of integrating spiritual awakening with our daily lives...”

Hans and Jackie “When we purchased the HeartSpeak audio program, we had no idea how powerful it would be. Now it's become a priceless tool for us. HeartSpeak is absolutely central to our ongoing process of integrating spiritual awakening with our daily lives...”

Hans and Jackie Jonassen,
New Orleans, LA

“Last night was my first listen to HeartSpeak. I started with 'What makes this work unique...' It's just a really excellent talk. I may just stay with this one for a while. It's so informative. I loved how you expressed the evolution of your work and the community.

“You know, I was only with you guys for 4 months before I had my embodied awakening. I didn't really get the 'teaching' and I have been missing the clarity of your wisdom to help me understand what I've landed into. I haven't finished listening to it. Every bit of it so far is just awesome. Every bit of it. Thanks forever!”

Marsha Madden,
Guerneville, CA

Our work is designed to meet you wherever you are on your journey, whatever your background and your hopes and dreams. We recognize that everyone's unfoldment is more than fingerprint-unique, and we look to facilitate yours in ways that work just for you.

The main name our work is known by is “Waking Down.” It's essentially a very direct exploration of how to bring our ordinary instincts and our greater intelligence together in a life of love, integrity, authentic connection and communication with others, and divinely inspired awareness and presence. It's an “evolutionary” process in that it spontaneously stimulates often massive changes for the better in those who become attracted to it. Through it many people today are discovering and expressing their real purpose in ways that feel, to them, imbued with the power of destiny.

Central to this “work” – and to the audio subscription program we're inviting you to partake of, HeartSpeak – is what we call spiritual “transmission of the Heart.” Underneath all our words and actions and at all times, we are blessed to be able to communicate a conscious energy or presence that is itself the main instigator of the shifts that our listeners and students then find themselves naturally going through. Several dozen other teachers and mentoring elders serve this same transmission and teaching process in the Waking Down community.

“Saniel and Linda are among the most talented, multifaceted, awake people I know.”

We and our work are also blessed to have the recognition and acknowledgment of other leading teachers and thought leaders of our time, such as Ken Wilber and Larry Dossey, M.D.

“Saniel Bonder is one in whom the Conscious Principle is awakened, and he is attempting to forge a new path of mutuality in the midst of ordinary, messy, everyday realities — and Linda Groves-Bonder is a brilliant teacher in her own right.”

Ken Wilber,Larry Dossey, MD
author of Integral Spirituality,
founder of Integral Institute

"For years, Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder have guided seekers in search of what really matters. Their spiritual teachings embody timeless wisdom, immense practicality, and a refreshing lightheartedness and joy. They are authentic healers – practitioners who help people become whole by discovering their intrinsic holiness. And, they are among the most talented, multifaceted, awake people I know. May their work soar.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.,Larry Dossey, MD
author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

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“HeartSpeak gives me a big dose of community and connection on what can sometimes feel like a solo journey on this leading edge of human evolution...”

People experience a variety of benefits from listening to the monthly HeartSpeak recordings:
  • Audios you can listen to over and over again –
    As you advance in your own growth, you can listen to these audios again and each time something new is pretty sure to leap out and deepen your understanding of the work. The monthly selections often include music, interviews with other teachers, and more.

  • Lively conversations with people deeply engaged in their own growth work –
    Most of these audios are not merely us talking about awakening and transformation, but interactions we're having with others who are intensely engaged in these processes. You get to listen in and benefit from their experience, observations, insights, questions, issues, and openings, as well as from our responses to them.

  • Excellent way to start for beginners –
    The first audio every month discusses our unique kind of transformation in a more “general consideration.” Advanced practitioners can also shore up their understanding with it, and enjoy empowering support.

  • An easy way to receive Heart-transmission –
    You can download the audios to your smartphone, iPod, computer, or burn CDs for listening while you drive. We've heard from some subscribers that they combine listening with gazing at our photos for deeper Heart-awakening transmission. Some even leave the audios on while they're falling asleep!

  • Powerful material for advanced practitioners –
    The second audio every month addresses “intensive awakening and evolution.” These wide-ranging, in-depth conversations and presentations go into all the nooks, crannies, and potential developments of this kind of spiritual and personal transformation.

  • The latest evolutions of our work come to you right away –
    Our understanding is continually evolving and we're constantly refining how we speak and teach it – in ways that can enhance your own development even if you're not actively involved in Waking Down. Subscribing to HeartSpeak gives you a unique, empowering snapshot of our teaching as it's unfolding current time and in ways that can be of benefit to you, whatever your own avenues of growth may be.

“HeartSpeak gives me a big dose of community and connection on what can sometimes feel like a solo journey on this leading edge of human evolution. These are conversations that truly matter - they have helped me to embody my Waking Down journey in many ways. I recommend them highly!”

John Scheunhage,
Victoria, BC, Canada

“The monthly listen gives my body a chance to remember the vibe and frame of reference that mysteriously stimulates organic changes in my life experience. It's a reminder that the lab work continues, whether I'm tuned in or not. Life fascinates as I become more aware of Being's 'fingers' stretching in exploration. Thanks, Saniel and Linda!”

Peter Griggs,
Old Manchuria, China

So, to receive this monthly infusion of love, wisdom, trust in Being, and the nurturing radiance of our presence and teachings, as well as the communications of the other advanced spiritual realizers and practitioners we're speaking with, is very simple.

The fee is just $12 a month, or $121 for a year prepaid. We'll charge your credit card monthly if you choose the monthly plan. You are, of course, free to discontinue any time.

Again, it's our great pleasure to reach out to you this way with these monthly audios from our current teachings. We hope you'll connect with us and others in our band of spiritual journeyers through HeartSpeak and enjoy what it can bring into your own life and spiritual growth!

Blessings and love,

Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder
Saniel Bonder and Linda Groves-Bonder
Human Sun Institute

P.S. One more thing...   There is one more especially important way that listening to HeartSpeak can be of great help to you – and that's during the inevitable times in our journeys through life when things get incredibly difficult, inside or out or both:

“After passing through many weeks of fear and loathing when death and dying were my constant companion late last summer, an unexpected aridity has characterized my autumn and early winter. The wondrous, undefended and passionate place I lived from for so long seemed a distant memory and I was somehow out of focus instead of seeing into the heart of things. The forced march up and down the dunes of cynicism was pretty unnerving and has left me a more sobered and sympathetic person... Steve Boggs

“I should say that throughout this time, the monthly HeartSpeak downloads were a Godsend...

“I'm glad to report that the river of love that ran deep underground for all those months is returning to the surface and while it's not a class-three white water as it has been in the past, I'm grateful for the wetland it currently seems to be ...your presence in my life is a blessing that I cherish closely.

Steve Boggs,
Interning Teacher, Waking Down in Mutuality
Fairfield, IA

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